How important is visual appeal and packaging design for selling a product? Every manufacturer seems to understand that packaging design is important enough to catch a consumer's attention. However this factor often seems essential only for new products and then many manufacturers forget about it. As a recent experiment proved this is in vain.

Continuing the topic of changes introduced by legislation to the use of disposable tableware, in particular the rejection of plastic and the use of recyclable materials, it should be told about the innovation of the American company World Centric, which has recently introduced the latest coating for disposable tableware made of fiber.

It is no secret that the Covid pandemic has given a very strong stimulus to the development of e-commerce and online sales, and as a result, the number of postages has increased. Progress does not stand still, and the global struggle for environmental friendliness of packaging has also affected packaging for shipping goods. In our opinion, two innovations deserve special interest, which will be discussed below.

Since July 2021, the law prohibiting the use of disposable plastic tableware comes into force in the European Union, which certainly creates a lot of problems for manufacturers. This prohibition concerns not only plates, cups, but also forks, spoons, knives, coffee sticks, cocktail tubes, etc.

Despite different opinions in the statements about the benefits of bioactive supplements, dietary supplements, they get more and more used by Ukrainians. But people do not buy dietary supplements by weight. Before offering them for sale, the manufacturer must pack them. And here our company can be useful.

On February 7, the first round of the Rink Bandy Championship of Ukraine 2021 took place on the Ice Arena in Dnipro. The first place was taken by the Dnipro team, which passed the round without defeat. Omela LLC, which is a sponsor of the Ukrainian Bandy Federation, supports the federation and rejoices at all its successes.

Frozen food is another product area that requires specific materials for their packing. It is no secret that films for packing such goods must retain their barrier properties at low temperatures, comply with all standards for food packing and not lose their appearance in refrigerators.