The Omela LLC continues to expand the range of offered equipment and this time presents a rather unique flow-pack machine. Special settings allow you to pack goods of almost unlimited length.

The famous cosmetic giant Loreal, continuing to implement its strategy of responsible packaging, decided to pack two types of its popular shampoos in doy-pack bags made of 100% polyethylene.

The coronavirus pandemic has made so many changes in our daily lives and in our packaging requirements. More and more attention is paid to its protective and antimicrobial properties, especially for long-term packaging such as tubes. And here the development of the LAGEENTUBES company - tubes with antimicrobial properties - is of great interest.

As you know, solid goods to be packaged have long been accurately classified and are divided into dusty, slow-flowing, good-flowing small-piece and piece. And the equipment for packaging is selected according to these categories. But what if the packaged product can be attributed to all categories at once? If the product to be packaged simultaneously contains both a dusty component and a fraction similar to a granule and stone-like inclusions?

We have recently written that company Unilever has created a consortium with other major companies and the paper bottle developer Pulpex and is actively supporting this innovation. And so, the other day Unilever announced the creation of a prototype of the world's first paper-based liquid laundry detergent bottle.

On June 1, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law banning the distribution of plastic bags. Let's try to figure out how this decision will change our life and what other changes this law brings.

Such rather unusual and revolutionary packaging solution is offered to its customers by the British company Garçon Wines. A couple of years ago, they patented a flat wine bottle made entirely from recycled PET. The company is now actively promoting its innovation in Europe, the USA and Australia.