The market and competition dictate their own conditions for the promotion of goods. And the task of marketing is not only to identify groups of potential buyers, but also to interest them in the product as much as possible. It is no secret that teenagers and students make up a very large group of buyers for the snack market; people who are now very difficult to interest and surprise with something.

Taking into account that wood is getting more and more expensive and, accordingly, cardboard and paper products as well, enterprises naturally are begining to look for suitable alternatives to wood. The British company Test Valley Packaging has partnered with envoPAP to offer its customers a new development - carton packaging and RAW paper made from sugar cane waste.

Tesco, the largest British supermarket chain, has approached toothpaste manufacturers with an interesting initiative - to remove cardboard boxes from toothpaste packaging. So far, this is a pilot project that operates in the chain's stores in the UK.

We are often asked questions about the right choice of equipment. After all, there are so many options and it is not easy for an inexperienced person to understand the nuances and immediately understand what kind of equipment is suitable for packaging exactly his product. Therefore, we decided to publish a series of articles in which we will tell you what equipment is used to pack various products.

Yes, you’ve read everything correctly. It's all about the development of the Swiss company Migros, which introduced CoffeeB or "Coffee Ball" to the market. This is a small ball of pressed coffee, which is covered only with the Delica protective layer, patented throughout the world.

One of the pioneers in the market of compostable films is the American company EcoPackables, which enteris entering the market with another development - compostable films based on a mixture of coffee waste with polylactic acid (PLA).

The use of plant-based, 100% recyclable polymer polyethylene furanoate (PEF) in packaging instead of virgin plastic is gaining momentum. Now this material will be used for packaging products of the LVMH Group (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).