Recently, the International Economic Forum ended in Dnipro, which brought together more than 800 entrepreneurs and a large number of both Ukrainian and international speakers at its conferences and seminars. The leaders of our company could not miss such a significant event and also took part in it.

Tesco, one of the largest European retailers and manufacturers, has announced the launch of the line of spray cleaning products in reusable packaging. It will be the company's own product and will go on sale in the brand's supermarkets next week.

The coronavirus pandemic, which began last year, has dealt a heavy blow to the global economy and posed a global challenge for a huge number of businesses in all countries. The Omela company was no exception, but the efforts made by our friendly team to deal with the current situation have yielded well-deserved results. We not only survived, but also became "stronger", gained invaluable experience and expanded our assortment.

We all love to burst air bubbles in bubble wrap, which is often used for secondary packaging when transporting various goods. The popular antistress toy is even based on the use of the sound of the pop and the tactile sensation that occurs when you press the bubble. PopPack decided to use the air bubble principle to develop a completely new principle for opening a wide variety of packages - EasyPop.

Probably every mother in the world has faced this problem: how to protect a curious baby from a sample of washing powders, gels, and various cleaning products. And the issue of greening packaging, which many manufacturers, including household chemicals, have now begun to strive for, did not solve this problem in any way. The first and rather significant step in this direction was taken by Smurfit Kappa.

Many people know that jute bags are very popular as packaging for storing various cereals. It is a natural, breathable and at the same time cheap and wear-resistant material that does not enter into any reaction with the stored contents. But jute also has a significant disadvantage - this property can easily absorb moisture and keep it in itself for a long time, which leads to large crop losses.

At the end of September, the final conference was held as part of the large international initiative COVID-19 BUSINESS CLINICS in Dnipro. This largest project was carried out on the basis of the Chamber of Commerce and was funded by the European Union and the German government. Our director B.R. Babenko took an active part in trainings held within the framework of the project, and of course, could not miss this conference.