Transporters, Conveyors and additional equipment

A transporter is a transport mechanism that is used to move goods. Transporters and conveyors differ in the way they are placed in space and the type of device that is used to move goods (belt, bucket, roller, chain, etc.). Different types of transporters can be used to move different types of cargo over long distances (up to 10-12 km).The transporter belt can be straight, lie in a horizontal position, or have a more complex design. The choice of this or that conveyor device should be based on the type of manufactured and, in particular, transported products, as well as the characteristics of production (its needs and capabilities).

According to the method of placement in space, the transporter can be:

  • Stationary;
  • Mobile;
  • OInclined;
  • Turning;
  • Lifting;
  • Sectional;
  • Belt;
  • Spiral, telescopic;
  • Expandable.

Belt conveyors are often equipped with soft starters to control acceleration and deceleration - they are able to provide the speed of the conveyor. Due to this, control can be carried out from a single operator's workstation or from local control panels.

Different conveyor devices depend on the peculiarities of working with different products.

Depending on the specifics of production and manufactured goods, various types of conveyors are selected that allow you to move goods without loss, quickly and reliably.