Equipment for dairy industry

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Automatic machine for packing in aluminum-plastic blisters

For packing capsules, tablets, pills, candies and other goods in blister packs.

Horizontal Doy-Pack filling machine with bag making function 083.97.02

For packing various goods into Doy-pack bags (with the function of making a bag).

Five-in-one Packing Machine (Napkin, toothpick, spoon, fork, knife) 051.78.01

For packing disposable tableware, napkins, toothpicks, bags with spices in "flow-pack" bags

Horizontal flow-pack packing machine for bags packing with bottom film feeding BOSW

For piece packing and group packing of various goods in bags of the "pillow" type.

Semi-automatic weighing and packing system with double entry 071.80.01

For filling and packaging well-flowing and small piece goods of irregular shape for various purposes.

Rotary weighing and packing system into a vacuum bag 061.80.01

For filling and packing of free-flowing and small piece goods of various shapes and purposes.

Double packing system 021.80.02

For packing free-flowing and small piece goods.

Automatic filling and packing machine for pasty products in plastic cups 072.72.01

For filling and packing pasty products such as yoghurt, honey, in plastic cups.

Pre-packing Line for Dairy Products with Dozing, Capping and Labeling (Claw Mechanism) 076.32.02

For dosing dairy products and other similar raw materials into plastic containers, further clogging the lid and sticking a label on the surface of the container.

Automatic weighing machine for glass jars with a twist-off lid (076.32.01)

For dosing liquid and pasty products into glass containers closed with a Twist-off lid.