For packing groceries

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Time dispenser SA-0225 for packing well-flowing homogeneous products into open bags

For packing well-flowing homogeneous products into open bags.

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Universal packaging machine (bags Sashe/Pillow)

For packaging of free-flowing and dust-producing products in pillow-type or sachet-type bags.

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Horizontal multihead weigher 191.144.MHW-12

For precise dosing of various food products.

HD Roll Feed Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

For the production of paper bags for packaging flour, sugar, and other goods.

FD Roll Feed Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

For the production of paper bags of different capacities.

Automatic line for packing long products (by straw type) 136.104.01

For group packaging of elongated products (such as straws, sausages).

Vertical filling semiautomatic device (022.28.02)

For packing bulk and hard-to-flow goods.

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Line for packing grain coffee 021.104.01

For filling and packaging of free-flowing (eg. granular) goods in the food and non-food industries.

Horizontal Doy-Pack filling machine with bag making function 083.97.02

For packing various goods into Doy-pack bags (with the function of making a bag).

Filling machines with weighers

For packing bulk non-dusting products (snacks, grain coffee, nuts, cereals, pasta, sweets, etc., coal, pellets)

Filling machines with screw feeder

For packing dusty products (flour, starch, spices, ground coffee, cement, chalk, etc.)

Five-in-one Packing Machine (Napkin, toothpick, spoon, fork, knife) 051.78.01

For packing disposable tableware, napkins, toothpicks, bags with spices in "flow-pack" bags

The following food products are traditionally referred to as groceries:

Free-flowing - cereals, pasta, sugar, food concentrates, yeast, tea, coffee, salt, spices.

Powdered - flour, starch, coffee, mustard powder, cocoa powder.

Liquid - tea drinks, coffee drinks, vegetable oils, vinegar.

For free-flowing and powdery products, we offer equipment for packing into bags, pillow, gusset, stabilo, briquette, stick, sachet, doy-pack, ready-made paper bags and cardboard boxes. For liquid products, equipment for packaging in glass and PET bottles and other types of containers is used.