Equipment for packing household chemicals

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Universal packaging machine (bags Sashe/Pillow)

For packaging of free-flowing and dust-producing products in pillow-type or sachet-type bags.

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Horizontal packaging machine 051.55.250XB for packing sticky goods

For packaging goods with increased stickiness in flow-pack bags.

32-head combination weigher 191.83.32

For weighing and packing of loose and small piece goods.

24-head combination weigher for bulk products 191.83.24

For weighing and packing of loose and small piece goods.

Horizontal Doy-Pack filling machine with bag making function 083.97.02

For packing various goods into Doy-pack bags (with the function of making a bag).

Filling machines with weighers

For packing bulk non-dusting products (snacks, grain coffee, nuts, cereals, pasta, sweets, etc., coal, pellets)

Filling machines with screw feeder

For packing dusty products (flour, starch, spices, ground coffee, cement, chalk, etc.)

Five-in-one Packing Machine (Napkin, toothpick, spoon, fork, knife) 051.78.01

For packing disposable tableware, napkins, toothpicks, bags with spices in "flow-pack" bags

Horizontal flow-pack packing machine for bags packing with bottom film feeding BOSW

For piece packing and group packing of various goods in bags of the "pillow" type.

Vertical filling machine with multihead weigher 191.83.01

For filling and packing well-flowing, slow-flowing and lumpy products in "pillow" bags.