Equipment for packing stationary


Automatic line for packing long products (by straw type) 136.104.01

For group packaging of elongated products (such as straws, sausages).

Horizontal packaging machine 051.55.250XB for packing sticky goods

For packaging goods with increased stickiness in flow-pack bags.

Five-in-one Packing Machine (Napkin, toothpick, spoon, fork, knife) 051.78.01

For packing disposable tableware, napkins, toothpicks, bags with spices in "flow-pack" bags

Horizontal packaging machine "Flow Pack" with top film feed and walking knife 051.55.350-800W\XW

For packing piece items in "flow pack" and "pillow" bags. Allows packing large items.

Automatic packing line with extruder 051.49.01

For packing plasticine, clay and other similar materials and products.

Semi-automatic weighing and packing system with double entry 071.80.01

For filling and packaging well-flowing and small piece goods of irregular shape for various purposes.

Rotary weighing and packing system into a vacuum bag 061.80.01

For filling and packing of free-flowing and small piece goods of various shapes and purposes.

Double packing system 021.80.02

For packing free-flowing and small piece goods.

High-speed horizontal packing machine (Flow-pack) for packing sweets 051.67.01

For automatic packing of round, square and rectangular chocolates in flow-pack (pillow) type packages.

Packing machine for sweets 051.66.06

For packing sweets and other products in “pillow” type packets.

Horizontal flow-pack packing machine 051.66.01

For packing by piece of sweets and similar size products into “pillow” type packadges.