Packing equipment for filling into ready containers

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Time dispenser SA-0225 for packing well-flowing homogeneous products into open bags

For packing well-flowing homogeneous products into open bags.

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Horizontal multihead weigher 191.144.MHW-12

For precise dosing of various food products.

Popcorn packing line 022.99.01/051.99.01

For packing popcorn (semi-finished product) in "pillow" bags.

Weighing batcher for filling good free-flowing products into a soft bag of the "Big-Bag" type 032.73

For packing free-flowing products, such as mineral fertilizers, into soft bags of the "Big-Bag" type.

Automatic filling and packing machine for pasty products in plastic cups 072.72.01

For filling and packing pasty products such as yoghurt, honey, in plastic cups.

Complete automatic line for the production of cardboard egg trays 132.63.01

For the production of cardboard egg trays, fruit trays, protective inserts for packaging electronics.

Automatic machine for packing products into “Doy-pack” bags with a zip lock 083.73.02

For automatic weighing, filling and packing of granular and other types of products.

Automatic machine for filling bulk products into “Doy-pack” bags by weighing method 083.32.07

For packing both bulk and powdery products, e.g. tea, nuts, coffee, spices, seasonings, household chemicals etc. into “Doy’pack” bags.

Automatic machine for Doy-Pack packets production 083.32.02

For the manufacture of packages of the "Doy-Pack" format.

Automatic machine for packing products into “Doy-Pack” bags (083.32.05)

For packing pasty and liquid products into standing plastic bags, "Doy-Pack" format with a corner Spout

Pneumatic machine for packing products into valve bags 033.84.01

For packing well and difficult flowing materials into valve bags.

Semi-automatic cement weigher into valve bag 033.20.01

For filling difficult flowing and dusty products (for example, cement) into valve bags.

Filling machines, with all their diversity, can be divided into two main types

  • machines for filling their own packaging ;
  • machines for filling ready containers.

Equipment of the first type is usually more expensive, but the cost per container when dosing with these machines is usually lower.

Customers purchase the second type of machines in the following cases:

  1. The packing volumes are not large enough to recoup the purchase of a more expensive machine.
  2. The required type of container, produced only in specialized production.

The product is packaged in reusable containers, as a rule, for moving between departments of the same enterprise located in different places, etc.

What is a ready-made container for

Ready containers are used for packing in filling machines that do not haver the function of making containers from paper, plastic film, cardboard or other materials.

There are many types of finished containers:

  • bags;
  • packages;
  • boxes;
  • cases;
  • jars;
  • polymer cups;
  • vessels;
  • containers;
  • pallets.