«Doy-pack» bags

Due to their advantages, doy-pack packages have become widespread in the world and their popularity is growing steadily.

The first thing that should be noted is the small specific weight of the package, both in comparison with the material packed in it, and with its main competitor glass containers. Due to high competition, only those manufacturers with lower costs can stay on the market, so lighter packaging is a serious logistical advantage.

The second logistic advantage is that the Doy-Pak, made of flexible and very durable material, fills the volume much better than containers made of glass or hard plastic.

Packing in Doy-Pack means the absence of losses associated with breaking of containers, which also is economically, since it excludes direct losses and losses caused by the return of damaged products located next to broken containers.

The Doy-Pak package is very convenient both in production and storage, and in use. Its small volume reduces disposal costs.

Doy-Pak bags can have a wide variety of shapes, can be equipped with a zip-lock string lock for reusability. They can have a dispensing nozzle welded into the bag in various places. They can have holes for hanging or for carrying by hand. May have a notch for easy opening. The most common doses are 0.25 - 1 liter, but up to 10 liters can be packaged in Doy-Pak. Doy-Pak bags are made from a wide variety of materials, selected depending on what natural factor it is necessary to protect the packed material from moisture, sunlight, etc. There are even transparent Doy-Pak bags.

Liquid and pasty products can be packed into Doy-Pak : condensed milk, juices, oils, detergents, creams and much more. The most common dry products packaged in Doy-Pak are: coffee, tea, food mixtures, seasonings, household chemicals and other powders, and bulk materials. Recently, packing piece products has started being packed into Doy-Pak: dried fruits, nuts, frozen foods, etc.