Packing into polymer cups.

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Horizontal multihead weigher 191.144.MHW-12

For precise dosing of various food products.

Semi-automatic weighing and packing system with double entry 071.80.01

For filling and packaging well-flowing and small piece goods of irregular shape for various purposes.

Automatic filling and packing machine for pasty products in plastic cups 072.72.01

For filling and packing pasty products such as yoghurt, honey, in plastic cups.

Automatic machine for pre-packing in the polymeric container 072.32.03

For dispensing and packaging liquid and pasty products in plastic cups.

Automatic thermoshaper 062.48.01

For packing liquid and paste-like, as well as free-flowing and piece goods in polymer containers made on this machine.

Thermoshaping machine for vacuum packing, MGA, «skin» 062.59.01

For thermoshaping of pallets from polymer films with the following placement of products in them and packing them in vacuum, modified gas atmosphere (MGA) or in the “Skin” type package.