Filling equipment

Filling (dosing) equipment is used to separate the product into certain portions (doses) with further packing. Such weighers can be used both independently and as a component of filling and packing lines. Depending on the type of product used, the following packing equipment is distinguished:

  • Weighers;
  • Screw feeders;
  • Liquid dosers


Required for portioning bulk products using standard weights (kilograms and grams). Such weighing equipment for filling can be used for almost all types of goods, with the exception of liquids and those products that are measured in liters or cm3.

Screw doser

These are devices that automatically distribute powdery bulk products using standard weights or volumes. Most often, filling equipment of this type is used to dose dusty products - they do not create dust during operation. However, screw feeders cannot be used for liquids and pastes, as well as difficult to flow and oily products.

Liquid doser

This type of filling (dosing) technique is used to divide pasty substances and liquids into portions. In such devices, the product is measured in liters and cm 3 , using mass or volumetric dosing methods.