Group packaging equipment

Bulk packaging - the name speaks for itself. There are very often cases in life when, for reasons of economy, convenience and ease of transportation, loading, warehousing, etc., the goods must be combined into groups. We supply a wide range of equipment to serve this purpose.

Types of group packing

There are many varieties of bulk packing. The main ones are:

  • shrink wrapping
  • stretch film packing
  • wrapping products with polypropylene tape.

Shrink film

While packing into shrink wrap, usually polyethylene,  a group of products (bottles, cans, boxes, bags, toilet paper, fuel briquettes and much more) are sealed in a film, followed by placing the packaged group in a heat chamber or thermal tunnel. As a result of thermal action, the film shrinks and tightly wraps the packaged products, giving them a fixed shape. This packing can be very convenient when loading and moving cargo, as it has pockets with which it is convenient to take it by hands. With a sealed version, it can protect the product from moisture and other influences. This packing can also be an effective anti-theft tool.

Stretch Film

If you need to fix products that are laid on a pallet, wrap them with stretch film using our equipment and you will take them to their destination without the risk of spilling or damaging. At the destination, staff can easily remove packing and access the goods.

Wrapping with polypropylene tape

In cases where the product has a size and shape that does not require full wrapping with film, it can be wrapped with tape, which will cost you less, but will allow you to solve the same problems.