Flat Bottom Packing Equipment

A flat-bottom bag, also called a "gusset" or three-seam stand-up bag, is also a type of three-seam bag.


One of the most widespread technologies for its production is production on vertical packing machines, where a device for making a flat bottom is built into the mechanism that forms a three-seam pillow bag. As a matter of fact, this device makes recesses (folds) along this pipe in a film sleeve in the form of a pipe, on both its sides. When filled with a bulk product, the bag is filled and in its cross section takes on a rectangular shape. When lowered onto a flat surface, the bottom also becomes flat and the bag stands upright on its own.

This package is compactly located on the shelf in the store. It is convenient for the buyer to view the information printed on the package. The package has an attractive appearance. It packs a wide variety of loose, small-piece and dusty non-flowing materials. Such a package can have a wide variety of options:

  • welded edges
  • Euro notch for hanging
  • reusable string lock, etc.