Semi-automatic packing equipment

Depending on the degree of automation of the product packing process, packing equipment is divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic. When packing with manual equipment, the worker performs all packing operations manually. When packing on machines (automatic lines), all operations are performed automatically, without direct human intervention.

When working on semi-automatic equipment, a person performs part of the operations manually, and some operations are performed automatically. One of the main criteria for choosing semi-automatic equipment is the performance required by the consumer. Or in other words - the key issue is the degree of equipment utilization. If an automatic line, which, as a rule, has a high capacity cannot be loaded, then the cost of packing may be unreasonably high. In this case, it is advisable to purchase a semi-automatic machine.

Semi-automatic equipment is also easy to maintain, which also has its advantages. This is a shorter training and mastering period for equipment and, accordingly, a decrease in associated losses. We offer semi-automatic machines for the following types of packing:

  • bulk packaging
  • dusty
  • liquid pasty
  • piece products
  • vacuum and bulk packing.