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Universal packaging machine (bags Sashe/Pillow)

For packaging of free-flowing and dust-producing products in pillow-type or sachet-type bags.

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Horizontal multihead weigher 191.144.MHW-12

For precise dosing of various food products.

Horizontal packaging machine "flow pack" on the rib with automatic feed 051.111.115

For group packaging of small piece goods (eg biscuits, cupcakes).

Automatic slotting machine (5 knife sets) 090.112.1418

For the production of reamers of different types of corrugated packaging

Rotary die-cutting machine 134.112.1418

For cutting blanks of cardboard boxes

Automatic L-sealer (052.110.400LA or 052.110.5030LG) and thermotunnel

For packaging a wide range of products in shrink films.

Automatic line for filling and packaging flour in paper bags (1-2-5 kg)

For filling, individual and group packaging of flour in paper bags weighing from 1 to 5 kg.

Horizontal packaging machine 051.55.350XSPE for packaging long products in flow-pack bags

For packing bulky goods in a pillow bag, without length limitation.

Line for packing bulk products into «Big-Bag» bags

Line for filling and packing of free-flowing dusty products such as meal into Big-Bags.

Automatic machine for packing in aluminum-plastic blisters

For packing capsules, tablets, pills, candies and other goods in blister packs.

Line for packing fragile goods 021.83.02

For filling and packaging of fragile, well-flowing and small-piece products in "pillow" and "gasset" bags.

32-head combination weigher 191.83.32

For weighing and packing of loose and small piece goods.

24-head combination weigher for bulk products 191.83.24

For weighing and packing of loose and small piece goods.