Rotary die-cutting machine 134.112.1418

Ротаційно-висічна машина 134.112.1418
For cutting blanks of cardboard boxes

Manufacturer:  China

Ротаційно-висічна машина 134.112.1418
Ротаційно-висічна машина 134.112.1418


This line is designed for cutting blanks of cardboard boxes of any complexity. At the same time, the maximum die-cut size is 1400x1600 mm. The thickness of the cardboard used can vary from 2 to 9 mm.

The machine uses an automatic carton sheet feeding system and a rotary die-cutting mechanism with two rollers. All processes of cutting, folding, corner cutting, etc. performed automatically by the machine. A large number of design solutions are used that provide high accuracy and speed of the machine at the same time as simplicity and long service life of the equipment.

Please note that the cutting knife is ordered separately and is calculated in accordance with the drawings provided by the customer.

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