Horizontal packaging machine 051.55.350XSPE for packaging long products in flow-pack bags

For packing bulky goods in a pillow bag, without length limitation.

Five-in-one Packing Machine (Napkin, toothpick, spoon, fork, knife) 051.78.01

For packing disposable tableware, napkins, toothpicks, bags with spices in "flow-pack" bags

Horizontal packaging machine "Flow Pack" with top film feed and walking knife 051.55.350-800W\XW

For packing piece items in "flow pack" and "pillow" bags. Allows packing large items.

High-speed horizontal packing machine (Flow-pack) for packing sweets 051.67.01

For automatic packing of round, square and rectangular chocolates in flow-pack (pillow) type packages.

Packing machine for sweets 051.66.06

For packing sweets and other products in “pillow” type packets.

Horizontal flow-pack packing machine 051.66.01

For packing by piece of sweets and similar size products into “pillow” type packadges.

Horizontal packing machine «flow-pack» 051.55.250BG

For packing different types of products into flow-pack type bag.

Horizontal packing machine «flow-pack» with the top film feeding 051.55.250B

For packing by piece: chocolate and grain bars, chocolate bars, glazed curds, soap, sweets, cookies, waffles, magnets, napkins, spare parts and other products.

Horizontal rotary pillow (flowpack) packing machine 051.55.250-800XB/XD

For unit and group packaging of products that may have a variable shape and size, and may also be not only hard, but also fragile or soft.

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Horizontal rotary pillow (flowpack) packing machine 051.55.250-700BD

For packaging relatively durable goods for various purposes, having a constant shape and size, in bags of the "pillow" type.

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