Packing equipment for packing in "Flow-pack" bags .

Flow-Pack is one of the types of packing of individual piece products having a specific shape and size, as well as groups of piece products. Examples of such products are: sweets, cakes, baked goods, pastries, rolls, chocolate bars, instant briquettes and other similar products. Non-food items packaged in a Flow-Pack include flat magnets, newspapers, magazines, stationery, sponges, soap, bandages, etc.

What does the flow pack give to the consumer?

  1. It allows you to preserve and protect the packed goods;
  2. It makes the packaging attractive;
  3. The product packaged in this way has significant marketing benefits.

Flow-pack equipment is divided into two main types: with the upper supply of film and with the lower supply.

Working technology

Top feed equipment

In machines of the first type, the packing film is fed into the packing area from above and, with the help of a special former, is rolled into a “tube” into which the product to be packaged enters. After the packaging has been formed, sealing and cutting takes place. The products to be packaged with this method of packing must have a clear shape and size. Very high performance can be developed on such equipment.

Equipment with bottom feed

Machines of the second type are less productive, but they do not require a rigid shape and precise dimensions of the product, and most importantly, they can pack groups of the most diverse products. For example, sweets and souvenirs, various artificial bones and toys for pets, disposable tableware sets and much, much more. The film is fed from below and forms a kind of "groove" into which you can put what needs to be packed, after which the same is formed as in the first case, only an inverted package.

Flow pack packing is made of various polymer films, as well as paper and aluminum foil. It has two transverse seams along the edges and one longitudinal along the entire length.

This type of packing equipment can:

  • date the packaging;
  • fill the package with a protective gas that prolongs the shelf life of products;
  • punch holes for hanging packages, etc.