Why is it worth working with us:

Many years of experience in the equipment market

We have been on the market since 1995. Our decency and our professionalism are confirmed by our portfolio. Many of our clients are well-known in the country and abroad and have made repeated and multiple purchases with us.

Client's tasks orientation

The basic factor for us is the exact adherence to the wishes of the client. Therefore, in cases where equipment that is not of our own production is more suitable for solving client`s problem, we definitely select the best options for our Ukrainian or foreign partners.

Complex solutions for the selection of equipment

We always consider the problem of product packaging as a complete set of turnkey solutions. In addition to the equipment that packs the product, we offer all the auxiliary peripherals related to packaging, and we also have experience in supplying machines for the direct production of the product.

Maximum comfort for the client during the deal

  • We are solely responsible for resolving all current issues and work on the conduct and support of the deal.
  • Maximum speed of response to customer's request.
  • We have worked out sales mechanisms to the smallest detail, all stages of the deal are passed by the client easily and naturally.

We have done a great job of selecting manufacturers of various equipment of high quality and at affordable prices. And our search hasn`t stopped. The list of our partners, which is constantly expanding and improving, includes suppliers of such companies as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and other world famous brands.

What are we doing:

Preparatory work
Expert assessment of the client's request.
Requirements list and packaging scheme
Formation of technical specifications and its coordination with the customer. Development of a packaging scheme taking into account its real production capacity.
Equipment selection
Selection of equipment according to the developed scheme (we manufacture or select from the existing catalogs of manufacturers, whom we have carefully selected according to a specially developed scheme for many years)
Equipment coordination
Coordination of various pieces of equipment included in the line, especially if they are made by different manufacturers. Includes alignment of mechanical components, electrical circuits and automatic control and monitoring systems.
Supply of equipment. Includes:
  • Manufacturing of equipment in our own production or an order from Ukrainian or foreign partners.
  • - Control over the manufacture of equipment by partners, up to its shipment.
  • Equipment certification.
Shipping, commissioning,
Setting of the supplied equipment, if necessary, working out the packing modes at our pre-sale preparation site. Equipment shipment. Putting the equipment into operation. Training.
Warranty service and repair
We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the customer's equipment. We repair and restore old equipment.

Since various performers are involved at the stages of our work, it is we who take full responsibility for solving your packaging needs and problems.
Partnership with us saves you time, money and nerves and allows you to focus on solving other problems.

For whom we work:

For manufacturers of a wide variety of products that must be supplied in packaged form.

For packing companies specializing in product packaging (ie companies that buy various products in bulk in unpackaged form and sell them in packaging)

For suppliers of various equipment who want to expand their range and start supplying packaging equipment as our dealers