Equipment for vacuum packaging

Vacuum packing machine is one of the types of sealing equipment that is used in almost all branches of the food industry. Unlike conventional bag sealers, a vacuum machine, before the sealing cycle, pumps out all the air with a pump, which prevents oxidation and prolongs the shelf life of the packaged product. With the help of vacuum equipment, if used correctly, the shelf life of the product can be extended up to 3 years without worsening its appearance and taste. Another advantage of this type of equipment is the reduction in the volume of the packaged product, which increases the storage capacity of the enterprise, or the capacity of the refrigerator freezer (at home). Vacuum packing machines are divided into chamber and tubeless.

Tubeless Vacuum Machines

Tubeless vacuum machines are mainly intended for home or store use, where the vacuum process is in demand in single cases. Practical when evacuating a large-sized product, since air is evacuated by external action. Tubeless vacuum machines are divided into two types:

- clamping (for a corrugated bag)

- valve (for a smooth package)

Some models of tubeless machines have a valve for connecting hoses, with which you can pump out air from a dish, vacuum dish. It is highly discouraged to use tubeless vacuum equipment for packaging powder and liquid products.

Chamber vacuum machines

Unlike tubeless machines, chamber-type vacuum machines are equipped with a more powerful pump, which will increase the quality of pumping and the durability of the product. The design of the chamber machines is more durable, so they are designed for a higher level of productivity and serial use. Such machines are divided by location (floor and table), chamber size and vacuum pump power.

At the request and needs of the client, the machines are equipped with additional options that will help solve the problem of increasing the shelf life of any food industry product. For improved vacuuming quality, the machine is equipped with an additional gas filling option. A soft crimp will allow you to pack a fragile product without deforming its structure. And users of modern technology will be happy to appreciate the touch control panel installed on the machine.

Chamber machines can be used to evacuate liquids. You can pack a liquid or grain product into a bag using a special series of vertical vacuum machines.

To increase productivity, our company can offer a two-chamber vacuum machine, with an installed high-power compressor and a more efficient pump. Such a machine increases productivity by 2 times, so it is ideal for work in large industries.


Easy-to-use machines that can operate in both manual and semi-automatic modes. These machines are designed for sealing plastic containers (cups, trays, containers) with film. Traysealers, like other vacuum machines, can have the function of evacuation and gas filling.

The packaging process is carried out as follows. The packaged product is placed in a polymer container, then the container is installed in a traysealer. Further, if required by the technological process, air pumping and gas filling can take place. Finally, in manual or automatic mode, the container is covered with a covering film, the film is sealed and cut or cut along the contour.