Foamed polyethylene

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PPE canvas


Width of the canvas - 100 mm; Length - 50 m; Thickness 4 mm.

Foamed polyethylene is a convenient safe packing for fragile, glass, breakable products, electronic, household and industrial equipment. Alternative to air bubble film, corrugated board.

Useful properties of polyethylene:

  • PPE sheet has almost unlimited shelf life.
  • Practically does not absorb moisture,
  • Is a versatile modern material for hydro, sound, vibration and heat insulation,
  • Suitable for packing and transporting goods.
  • Used at temperatures from - 40 to + 70 °С.

Material application

PPE canvas is used for:

  • isolation of sound, vibration, moisture and heat of roofs, floors and walls;
  • door insulation;
  • sealing joints, as a substrate under a layer of laminate, plasterboard, parquet and linoleum;
  • insulation of heating systems, cold and hot water supply systems, sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • thermal insulation of heating systems and pipelines;
  • isolation from electromagnetic radiation;
  • insulation of pipes with a rather large diameter in systems of both cold and hot water supply with a temperature of maximum 100 C, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and cooling systems;
  • packaging and wrapping of any product during transportation.