Vertical weighing and packing system 021.80.01

Vertical weighing and packing system for small items
For packing sweets, seeds, peanuts and other free-flowing and small piece food products.

Manufacturer:  China

подушка, гассет, стабило (pillow, gusset, stabilo)


The equipment is perfect for dosing and packaging granules, slices, rolls or irregularly shaped products such as candies, seeds, jellies, french fries, potato chips, instant coffee granules, peanuts, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, pet food, frozen food, etc. It is also possible to use this equipment for packing small plastic products.

The system includes: large vertical packaging machine, multihead weigher, work platform, Z-shaped conveyor, vibrating feeder, finished product outfeed conveyor with checkweigher.

The proposed packaging complex can pack products in bags such as "pillow", "gusset" or "stabilo". At the same time, an independent temperature controller with heat balance control allows the use of various packaging materials. Packing speed and bag length are set on the control display. It should be noted that bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, heating, date/batch numbering are all performed as a single continuous process.

The system is equipped with an automatic stop function in case of occurrence of any dangerous factors or the end of the film.

The processes of feeding, weighing, filling the bag, printing the date, and releasing finished products are fully automated. The system provides high accuracy and productivity with minimal losses and labor savings.