Line for the production of medical masks of the "ear-loop" type 136.96.01

Линия по изготовлению медицинских масок 136.96.01
For the manufacture of medical "ear-loop" type masks.

Manufacturer:  China

Пример изготавливаемых медицинских масок типа "ухо-петля"


The automatic line for the production of medical masks of the ear-loop type consists of a machine for the production of mask blanks with one automatic machine for welding ear-loop to thThe machines are controlled by the PLC system and are matched in capacity, which is 50-60 masks per minute. It should be especially noted that the size of the mask must be fixed.

The line allows the production of masks with a different number of layers (from one layer to five) without significant performance degradation.

The durable aluminum construction of the automatic machines of the line is weakly corrosive and practically does not rust.

PLC software control and photoelectric tracking make the line highly reliable and low failure rate occurs.

More details about the technical features and characteristics of this line for the production of medical masks can be found in our offer presented here.