Feasibility study for the purchase of equipment

It is not a secret that the income from product packing often exceeds the income from its production. Therefore, many successful entrepreneurs buy various products in bulk and pack them using their own equipment. So you've decided to start a packing business. In order to insure yourself against possible mistakes and miscalculations, it is necessary to start with a feasibility study of the project. The proposed feasibility study is intended for the economic justification of the project, or in other words, to determine the effectiveness and feasibility of investing in the purchase of equipment. It is the economic calculation that will give you confidence that your investments will not be lost.

This service is free of charge. It targets a variety of clients, including those who have never had to prepare a feasibility study before. Details of the feasibility study of the project can be found in the attached instructions. If necessary, you can use the proposed template as an example of a feasibility study also when purchasing equipment intended for other purposes.


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