A large company from the Dnieper supplies diapers made on a high-performance modern line. The line consists of a part that produces diapers and an automatic packaging machine.
During operation, the first part of the line runs without interruption, and the packaging machine has to be stopped periodically for various reasons. The problem was that diapers that were not packed directly in the production process could no longer be packed by the machine later, because after leaving the production line, they instantly change geometry (increase in size) and cannot be physically inserted into an automatic packaging machine.
In order not to send a large number of manufactured diapers to waste, the manufacturer was forced to pack them manually. However, when hand-laying, diapers cannot be placed neatly and uniformly in the bag, because when they exit the line, they instantly change their shape and size. Therefore, all packages turned out to be different and uneven, and we had to reduce the price for them.
In the middle of 2020, a client contacted us.

Work done.

Our company prepared an individual technical task, according to which semi-automatic equipment for diaper repacking was developed and manufactured. The main difficulty that we encountered in the implementation of the project was the wide variety of bag sizes and the number of diapers per package. Therefore, in order not to make several machines for different sizes of diapers, we have provided various adjustments with a wide range.

The semi-automatic works as follows: the operator manually puts the diapers into the pre-compression chamber, when the required amount is placed, the operator presses the button and the diapers are pre-pressed using longitudinal pneumatic cylinders. Further, with the help of an automatic pusher, which is driven by a pneumatic cylinder, the diapers are pushed into a package prepared in advance by the operator. The operator must pre-install the package on the holders. Next, the bag with diapers is removed from the holders and moved to the sealing area, where the bag is sealed with the help of sealing pads. Sealing pads are operated by pneumatic cylinders, at the signal of the operator.

Reviews from our clients:

Thanks a lot to your company for the equipment. Thanks to the competent design and an individual approach to its manufacture, it completely closed all our production issues.