Shrink wrapping machines for group packaging

Двухрулонная термоупаковочная машина 041.28.02
For group and piece packing of various goods, such as cans, bottles, boxes, canisters, etc., in a shrinkable plastic film.

Manufacturer:  Ukraine

Двухрулонная термоупаковочная машина 041.28.03
Машина для групповой упаковки 041.28.01
Термотоннель с ручным угловым запайщиком 052.28.06

Two-roll shrink wrapping machine 041.28.02

Double Roll Shrink Wrapping Machine 041.28.03

Group packing machine 041.28.01

Thermal tunnel with manual corner sealer 052.28.06


This equipment is designed for grouping and shrink wrapping of various rather large items such as bottles, cans, boxes, boxes, etc. Packing in film successfully replaces packing in wooden or plastic containers, significantly reducing the cost of the final product for the consumer.

The machines allow you to carry out both group packing and piece packing. And they are successfully used for packing household and office supplies, bulky goods, as well as in the medical industry. But the widest field of activity for them is undoubtedly the group packing of various types for unit packing of food products, for example, PET bottles.

All machines are semi-automatic and require the work of an operator who manually forms a group of items on the packing table, from where it is fed into the sealing unit using special guides. Thanks to their use, the pack to be packaged is oriented exactly in the center of the film and is evenly wrapped around it. After completion of the wrapping process, the soldering unit is activated by the operator or pneumatically (depending on the type of machine). When forming the next package, the latter pushes the previous one onto the mesh conveyor. The packaging goes through a thermal tunnel and the film shrinks.

This type of packing is not hermetic, but only serves for the convenience of transportation and protection of goods from the external environment.

Depending on the type of machine chosen, one or two rolls of shrink film are used.

The 052.28.06 machine differs significantly from the others in the presence of an angle sealer, thanks to which it has no restrictions on the types of film and it is more suitable for packing single-piece. More details on the operation of this machine can be found by watching the video.


Technical characteristics of the shrink packing machines for group packing 041.28.02, 041.28.03, 041.28.01

  041.28.02 041.28.03 041.28.01
Productivity, packages./hour up to 300 up to 300 up to 300
Seam welding time, sec. 2-5 2-6 2-5
Type of seam welding Constant heating Constant heating Constant heating
Speed of the conveyor, m/min. 3 3 3
Heat chamber size (LхWхH), mm. 1100х500х350 1100х500х350 1100х500х350
Shrinkage method Hot air blowing Hot air blowing Hot air blowing
Cooling methods Air blowing from the outside Air blowing from the outside Air blowing from the outside
Network parameters, V/Hz 380/50 380/50 380/50
Energy consumption, kwt 13-15 15 15
Size (LхWхH), mm. 3000х800х1600 3500х1500х1800 3300/1100/1900
Weight, kg. 210 220 350
Number of film rolls 2 2 1


Technical characteristics of heat tunnel with manual corner sealer 052.28.06

Power supply, V/Hz 380/50
Energy consumption, kwt/hour 15
Length /Width /Height (max.), mm 3800/850/1600
Weight (max.), kg 290
Width/Diameter of the film roll (max.), mm 500/300
Productivity (max.)*, packages./hour 400
L/W/H of the chamber (max.), mm 1100/500/400
L/W/H of the package (max.), mm 350/350/300
Temperature in the chamber, oС 80-300


Two-roll shrink wrapping machine 041.28.02

Group packing machine 041.28.01

Thermal tunnel with manual corner sealer 052.28.06