Line for the production of medical masks 136.82.02

Линия для производства медицинских масок три слоя
For the manufacture of three-layer medical masks from non-woven materials.

Manufacturer:  China

Линия по изготовлению медицинских масок 136.82.02 (доп.фото)
Машина для производства заготовок одноразовых медицинских масок
Ультразвуковой автоматический припайщик резинок
Пример изделия


The equipment is designed for the production of three-layer medical masks from non-woven materials. The line features high performance, stable product quality, and easy setup and operation. The control is carried out using a liquid crystal display.The line capacity reaches 100 masks per minute.

The production consists of two parts: making a blank for a medical mask and welding an elastic band to this blank. To carry out these operations, the line consists of a machine for the production of blanks for disposable medical masks and an ultrasonic automatic rubber holder.

Some features of this line, which make it very convenient and efficient in operation should be noted:

  • High performance
  • Low noise level
  • Adjustable production speed (up to 100 pieces per minute)
  • High utilization rate of raw materials
  • High degree of automation, significantly reducing the cost of products

More details about the technical features and characteristics of this line for the production of medical masks can be found in our offer presented here.