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Today's consumers are increasingly using disposable tableware and disposable packaging. And this is understandable. Let's remember the traditional ending to the party. The guests leave, and for the owners and even their children, the rest of the evening is replaced by an unpleasant work. Firstly, the dishes are carefully collected so as not to be broken and moved to the kitchen, then they are washed, wiped and placed in their usual storage places. Now let's see how this process looks like when using disposable tableware.

The owner takes the disposable tablecloth, that covered the table during the party, by the corners, ties them together, and all the disposable tableware on the table ends up in a bag, which is also disposable in the trash can. The whole operation takes a few minutes. Even more convenience and time savings are provided by the use of disposable tableware when going to the countryside.

Item NO Name of the product Pcs in a package
Disposable fork 100
Disposable fork «Super» 100
Disposable table spoon 100
Disposable tea spoon 200
Coffee stirrer 1000
Disposable knife 100


Our company offers disposable tableware for large and small catering enterprises, fast food restaurants, cafes, buffets, bars, cinemas and other organizations. Our offer is also addressed to individual clients whom we invite for cooperation. Disposable tableware is ideal for outdoor trips and country cottages. We offer a wide range of disposable tableware:


  • plates
  • glasses
  • forks
  • tablespoons and teaspoons
  • knives
  • tablecloths and napkins.

Disposable tableware is aesthetically pleasing, convenient, cheap and practical.

Item Size Pcs. In package
Glass 0,1l. (small glass) transparent 100 мл. 100
Glass 0,18 l. transparent 180 мл. 100
Glass 0,2 l. For cold and hot drinks 200 мл. 100
Glass 0,3 l. transparent 300 мл. 100
Glass 0.5 л. transparent 500 мл. 50


Item Size Pcs. in package
Cake plate d=165 mm 100
Second course plate d=205 mm 100
Bowl 350 ml. 100
Bowl 450 ml. 100
Ice-cream bowl d=115 mm 100